We create marketable imagery for martial arts schools and tournaments.
Let us help you take the local spotlight.

Martial Arts branding example used throughout site: McHugh Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Mount Laurel, NJ.

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Invest in website photography to establish credibility and outshine your competition. Often, martial arts schools will have a page featuring all their instructors - we can provide that portraiture too.

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social media

Let us showcase your students having fun while looking like badasses. We shoot these with plenty of negative space, leaving room for motivational quotes, general announcements, and more.


brand establishment

Combine these assets with beautifully designed graphics to exhibit a consistent, well-put, and professional first impression for your school.



Every successful business requires fantastic branding. By creating a common theme for your business and sticking with it, your business will look more professional, be easily recognizable, and invite members to join you in a way that makes THEM come to YOU (rather than having to bombarde your guests with excessive calls to action). By enforcing your image with consistent colors, methods of photo editing, and great content to post, your future students will know that your space is THE place to be

Take a moment to think about your business. Do you have a solid amount of high quality photos out there for the world to see? You need that. Do the photos all have the same kind of editing and color scheme? That's important too. Do you have enough variety of photos in your arsenal or are you posting the same content over and over again? If you haven't heard - good content is king.

Athletic facilities are a gold mine for great content. Athletic social media audiences thrive on beautiful photography. Students crave both a sense of belonging and authenticity when looking for a gym. Stock photos are nice, but there's no genuine connection. You need quality photos of your business to increase your credibility and create a connection with both your target market and your existing members. 


If you don't have any kind of branding, but you have a logo and a place of business, you don't have too much left to do. 

Particularly for Martial Arts academies, my first step would be to meet you and allow you to express your goals to me, and what your vision for your school is. Do you want to be the family friendly school or the school for the high level athletes? Your audience will dictate your entire strategy.

Once we figure that out, I will come in and shoot your facility's classes. These photos can be used on your website and social media in many ways. For my own school and business, I will use action shots with an iPhone app to create photos with motivational quotes on them. People love quotes, and they love seeing themselves on your platform, making them more likely to share your photos and bring likes to your platforms or students to your school.

For your website's about section, we can shoot portraits of your instructors and other staff members. These can be used on your social media posts about your staff's successes too - such as a feature in an interview or a recent tournament win where you want to celebrate your coach's hard work. 

Then, the photos will be edited in such ways that will attract your target market. I also like teaching you which filters to use on your phone yourself so all your photos look consistent with your brand.

I offer maintenance plans to maintain your social media's content so everything is up to date with current photos by shooting on a monthly basis. This is designed to help you stay loyal to your current students which helps you can attract new ones!



I recently turned to Facebook to send a message to local promoters about why hiring a photographer is so important.

"I'm going to go on a little rant. If you're running a tournament with hopes of reeling in world class competitors, increasing views, profiting, and drawing a bigger audience to the next event, how are you not considering investing sponsor money in at least one photographer for the day?

I watched Zach MaslanyAbraham Awad and JM Holland grow their Show the ART Finishers Sub-Only Tournament from the very beginning. They saw the importance of photography and got coverage that BLEW UP their press for the tournaments that followed while consistently reeling in some of the best guys in the area to fight for them. On their podcast they mentioned how they don't NEED to spend the extra money on photographers, but they love seeing the photos of their event everywhere afterwards because they budgeted for their own paparazzi.

When all your top competitors are making a shot from your tournament their profile picture, that exposure is huge if you consider their following!! These guys know that. When BJJ magazines and blogs write about the results, what photos will they use? Photos from a photography student that release their shots two weeks after the hype's over? It's so important and people constantly cut photography out of their budget thinking it's not a big deal.

I know that there's a lot of up-and-coming tournaments that can't afford that. I get it. But try to find a sponsor that'll cover the cost. Include that sponsor's logo on all the watermarked photos. Look like you ran a ballin' ass tournament and get the sick press that gives you the recognition that makes the hard work of running a smooth event worth it."

It's also good to consider that actually hiring a photographer and being good to them highly increases your chances of getting great marketing material. When people are there shooting for free, they're typically there to make their teammates look decent, not help your tournament's press by shooting photos of the crowd, location, and props like medals and giant checks. When I shoot an event, an album always gets published to an album on Facebook with watermarks on it at web resolution. Sharing is encouraged, so everyone possible will be tagged in those photos so their friends get drawn to the event's album, leading them to the event's page and videos. The return on your investment is absurdly worth it.


Every event is different. Lots of places post photos of professional face-offs the day of the event. Some just need match coverage with marketable candids. Every event needs photo delivery within two days - that's always promised. Let's talk and see what you need.