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frequently asked questions

“I want to purchase multiple images without going broke. What’s the best way to do this?” 

Rather than purchasing a bunch of individual images, consider one of these match packages*:
$60/match - Print and web res, no watermarks - Ideal for physical prints
$50/match - web only, no watermarks - Ideal for professional-looking social media use
$40/match - web only, watermarked - Ideal for bare-minimum social media use
*The pricing above applies to most matches. Only available for pre-bookings.
For superfights or competitions on big stages, pricing may vary.

Otherwise, I do offer web-res digital downloads at $9/image if you prefer to save more!

To purchase full matches, please reach out via my site's contact form to express your interest and purchase your personal gallery.

"Can I have a package of just the best images from the whole day instead of buying per match?" 

I get this question a lot. I recommend buying your most exciting match and purchasing any other images you want individually to commemorate the day.

“Since everything is online now, is it really worth it to buy an actual print of my photos?” 

I enthusiastically recommend buying at least one 8x10 print from your day. It's nice having digital images but there's just nothing like literally holding a beautiful capture of an awesome moment in your hands. It's a feeling I couldn't comprehend or realize I was missing out on until I actually purchased prints for myself for the first time.

These prints are particularly great for:
Personal medal/award displays
Birthday or holiday gifts
Gifts to and from proud family members

I recommend the Lustre paper under standard-sized prints.
The prints have a nice shine layered with a matte finish.

"I own/work for a brand that sponsors an athlete you've photographed. Can I use the images they purchased or images you have posted for the business?"

Any business use of my images requires the purchase of a commercial license.
When athletes purchase, it is for personal use only.
Commercial license purchase can be made via my site galleries under digital downloads or by contacting me. 

Commercial use includes but is not limited to: social media posts, posts with product shoplinks, website use, paid advertisements, using my images in any kind of product form for resale, stationary use, etc.

Any more questions? Use my site's contact form to reach out or email giullianafonseca.photo@gmail.com!

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