Bowling Portraits - Micah Voorhis, National Champion out of Cherry Hill, NJ / by Giulliana Fonseca

Recently I got to shoot portraits of Micah Voorhis, national youth bowling superstar of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Being given the opportunity to photograph someone who is regularly winning prestigious bowling tournaments on national sports channels was an honor and privilege.

Micah is the sweetest boy and he has an absolute killer smile! Many kids his age tend to be shy and uncomfortable during photo shoots, but I was in for the greatest experience - he cooperated fully, put his best smiles on, and his energy was so contagious! 

Of all his many competitions, his greatest titles are noted as follows: Micah is a 2x National Champion in 6 events, a New Jersey State Champion in 4 events, and his team will be representing the Northeast in the USA Bowling Team Championships which will be held in Cleveland very soon.

Micah has a vast multitude of winning titles in dozens of events that are not listed above. 

I never thought I'd see such complexity in bowling and learned just how much I don't know by watching Micah practice during our shoot. There's so much to it that occasional hobbyists don't know about. I would bet money on this young savage over any friends of mine any day.

To the Voorhis family, thanks so much for a fun session! It was such a pleasure and I hope to get more bowling-related portraits and events under my belt in the future!